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An experienced attorney knows that a trial is won or lost in the preparation phase. The Government has heard the police officer’s version of the event, but more times than not, they haven’t completed an independent investigation of their own. It is imperative for you to prepare your case with a seasoned trial attorney that can identify weaknesses in the Government’s position and use them to your advantage at trial. Our firm will complete a thorough investigation of your case and tirelessly move forward in order to obtain all physical and testimonial evidence that can be used to assist you. We have veteran attorneys and investigators that can interview and depose witnesses, subpoena necessary evidence and paperwork, and review crime scenes and forensic evidence. We coordinate with a vast network of expert witnesses that can assist us in areas of accounting, mortgage paperwork, laboratory analysis, DNA testing, handwriting exemplars, fingerprint analysis, pathology, forensic psychology, and many other relevant areas that can arise in a given case.

Not every attorney’s experience or practice will suit them in representing you in a criminal trial. Jordan Lewin is a criminal trial attorney. He has built his career around taking individuals like yourself to trial and successfully protecting their rights, while also advocating a strong defense that introduces the jury to his client’s position. If you, a friend, family member, or loved one have been arrested for a crime or are the target of an ongoing investigation, contact The Lewin Law Group. We are happy to extend a complimentary consultation to you in order to develop a strategy for your defense.