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Theft lawyer miamiWhen an item or piece of property is taken from another person without that individual’s previous permission, that action is deemed to be a theft crime. The state of Florida recognizes all theft crimes as grievous actions. Dependent on what was stolen and the value of that property, a theft crime may be ruled in one of two ways.

An act of Petty Theft is considered to be a misdemeanor offense, and therefore will usually result in penalties up to one-year’s jail time. On the other hand, Grand Theft is a felony offense that results from the theft of more serious or valuable goods or property. A conviction of Grand Theft carries with it severe penalties, including state or federal imprisonment. Restitution, community service and large fines can also come with such a conviction.

Such crimes have been on the rise in all metropolitan areas, but Miami has been hit particularly badly. Therefore, the accusations relating to such crimes have also been on the rise. With a rash of immigration to the city as well as many high profile places of residence and business, there are countless new opportunities for such crimes to be committed.

If you have been accused of a committing a theft crime, you must seek quality legal counsel.. Without a proper legal representative, you won’t have a leg to stand on in the court of law. The only way to be sure that you and your rights are protected is through the services offered by a qualified criminal defense attorney in Miami.

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