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Post-Conviction Relief

If you entered a plea that was involuntary due to a misunderstanding or false information, or were wrongfully convicted due to your trial counsel being ineffective, you may be eligible in both State and Federal court to challenge the disposition of your case. An experienced criminal defense attorney, such as Jordan Lewin, can review your legal matter and consult with you on the possibilities of securing some form of relief. Post-Conviction relief can encompass a variety of avenues that may be relevant to your legal situation. Jordan Lewin can help you review sentencing errors, claims of newly discovered evidence, ineffective assistance of counsel claims, misleading and false information relied upon for pleas, credit time served errors, prosecutorial misconduct, jury instruction errors, and the Government’s failure to motion the court for promised relief pursuant to plea agreements.

As both a prosecutor and defense attorney Jordan Lewin has the necessary experience to review your case to determine the validity of possible claims. We understand the various forms of post-conviction relief that may be applicable to your case, and we will thoroughly examine all case documents and court records to assist you with understanding your situation.

Contact The Lewin Law Group today to schedule a complimentary consultation in order to discuss what forms of relief can be sought for your friend or loved one. We have successfully assisted many convicted individuals in overturning their improper pleas and sentences.