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Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Miami

Appeals focus on errors that were made by the trial court in its rulings of the established law. These errors can encompass all legal rulings that impacted the trial, from the pre-trial evidentiary rulings all the way through sentencing. A court may have committed error in various ways that are not initially obvious to you. It is important to consult with an experienced criminal appellate attorney, who can review your case and examine the legal rulings that the trial court made. In many instances these errors are subtle. It takes a trained eye and professional legal analysis to identify the fault in the lower court’s reasoning.

Appellate courts do not focus their examination on the guilt or innocence of an individual. They examine the record and determine if the court made errors which affected the outcome of a hearing or trial. Experienced appellate attorneys understand how to persuasively present legal arguments on appeal, and suggest a reason for relief that is separate and detached from the facts of the case. In most instances you only have one opportunity to appeal. Which means you only have one chance to express to the appellate court all of the errors that the trial court made. This opportunity is far too important to waste by using the wrong legal counsel.

Jordan Lewin has been involved with criminal appeals during the entire course of his entire legal career. If you are in a position where you need appellate counsel for yourself or a family member, please do not hesitate to Jordan Lewincontact us in order to schedule a consultation to discuss the avenues of relief that may be available in your case. Appeals are time sensitive and cannot be re-litigated a second time. Ensure that your interests are being protected by speaking with Mr. Lewin about your appellate remedies now.

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