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The Lewin Law Group is one of South Florida’s premier criminal defense law firms. Founded by Jordan Lewin, who is a nationally recognized criminal defense lawyer in Miami, our law office focuses on criminal defense representation at the pre-trial, trial and appellate levels. Mr. Lewin has been a strong advocate for the preservation of an individual’s constitutional rights before, during and after an arrest. A decade of criminal litigation experience ensures that all of the alleged evidence in your case will be investigated and challenged by a hands-on trial attorney.

Jordan M. Lewin, P.A. is a former Miami-Dade Prosecutor who has achieved widespread recognition representing individuals in high profile and complex cases, including corporate executives, police officers, politicians and other public figures, as well as individuals involved in highly-charged, media sensitive trials throughout South Florida.

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. The penalty may include jail or imprisonment, mandatory treatment, fines, and/or probation, as well as the potential loss of significant civil rights and privileges. You need an experienced criminal trial lawyer to represent your interests and provide counsel so that you make the best possible choices, given your specific circumstances. The pursuit of a successful defense strategy, coupled with one-on-one client interaction, has been the hallmark of Mr. Lewin’s practice throughout his legal career. Our firm is the choice for people seeking cutting-edge, high quality and personalized criminal defense representation. Guided by the philosophy that the situation of every person facing criminal charges is unique, we tailor our defense strategies to the facts and circumstances of each case, as they apply to the law. In turn, we maximize our client’s options and help them attain the most advantageous possible result. A creative and intensive approach to criminal charges can make a big difference in the result in your case, as does your choice of lawyer to represent you.

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Jordan Lewin defends people accused of felony acts and misdemeanor misconduct in Federal and State courts. While many attorneys choose not to get involved with a criminal case until after formal charges have been filed against a defendant, Jordan Lewin aggressively pursues, when appropriate, efforts to ward off criminal charges. Our experience has proven that there is no substitute for early intervention.

The government is not waiting to prepare their case against you. It is important for you to begin consulting with an experienced attorney, so you can understand your position, the procedure for the upcoming litigation, and be able to better understand the options of relief available to you.

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